Lotus Grill Fondue Set For Standard Size Grill
Lotus Grill

Lotus Grill Fondue Set For Standard Size Grill

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This marvellous LotusÊGrillÊBBQ Fondue Accessory Set is designed to fit on top of the award-winning Lotus Grill BBQ. It consists of a fondue bowl with a griddle plate in the centre, and lets you use your Lotus Grill for fondues and sauces, as well as to cook meat and veg. Simply clip the FondueGrill onto the top of the Lotus to convert it into a griddle plate with stove, fondue and gravy maker. For an even healthier option, the bowl can be used on its own to boil up the vegetables. This saves time, eliminates the need for skewers and ensures your veggies wonÕt fall through the cracks of the grill. If that wasn't enough, the bowl can also be used to warm soups and liquids!ÊAnother alternative is to grill the meat on the hot plate and use the bowl underneath to collect the flavoursome juices for use in a sauce, stock or gravy, or to baste the meat while cooking. This also protects the flames and prevents flare-ups. As no grease reaches the charcoal, no higher flames are generated so you can cook safely and consistently

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